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The Farr 30 is one of the best-known, most exciting keel boats in the grand prix racing world and the ideal choice of boat for EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour. Already The Tour has attracted World Champions, Olympic gold medalists and America’s Cup winners – top sportsmen and women who enjoy close racing in great sailing conditions. 

These expert sailors know that when they race in a fleet of identical Farr 30s, it’s sailing skill – not technical boat speed advantage – that will determine the result. There’s no better boat than the Farr 30 to enjoy the beautiful sailing conditions of the Gulf.

“During design conferences, we applied a simple test for
complex issues: will this detail or feature make the boat
more fun to sail? Time and again, we found that the
simplest solution was the best one.”
Bruce Farr
Founder, Farr Yacht Design, creator of the Farr 30

The Farr 30

Sturdy, stable and fast, the Farr 30 is ideal for EFG Sailing Arabia – The Tour. It is exceptionally light for a standard 30-foot keelboat, capable of achieving exhilarating speeds in strong winds and performing brilliantly in light weather.

By eliminating much of the complicated tuning systems found in other classes, the Farr 30 is designed to be handled with ease by a small crew. Its rig, with a choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker in either masthead or non-masthead configuration, makes this a supremely versatile yacht.


FARR 30 Specification 01

FARR 30 Specification 02