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Insurance policy covering the hull. The policy should cover sailing in Omani waters. Insurance policy for the Hull has a suitable third party liability insurance limit that acknowledges that the boat will be sailing in Omani waters. The hull insurance policy should name Oman Sail LLC as an additional insured party for the respective rights and interests for the duration of the time in Oman. The insurance policy relating to the hull, detailing the coverage and who the policy is insured with, should be submitted for review and approval by the organisers by the 24th November 2021.
All crew and support staff with the team have travel insurance that has comprehesive medical and repatriation coverage for Oman and that there are no exclusions in the travel policy for dangerous sports or professional sports persons. A copy of the travel insurance should be submitted to the organisers by 24th November 2021. Innoculations - crews are recommended to ensure all innoculations are up to date in advance of travelling to Oman.
All crew members agree to sign a waiver in favour of Oman Sail against damage and loss to or of their property or injury to their person. The waiver is a separate document to this entry form and will need to be signed by all team members at registration on the 24th November 2021.

If you have any enquiries regarding race entry please contact:
Name: Saleh Al Jabri
Role: Project Manager
Email: saleh@omansail.com
Mobile: +968 9708 4787

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Entry package: 7,750 OMR (€16,500)

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