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DIAM 24 

The DIAM 24 OD is a strictly one-design trimaran sport boat: when racing, the real competition will be between the Teams and not between the boats and their equipment.

The concept of DIAM 24 OD is a strict one-design: the whole boat shall remain as the shipyard has built and delivered her.

Hull Type Trimaran Dbrd.
Rig Type Frac. Sloop (Rotating Spar)
LOA 23.75′ / 7.24m
LWL 23.75′ / 7.24m
Beam 18.44′ / 5.62m
Listed SA 355 ft2 / 32.98 m2
Draft (max.) 4.92′ / 1.50m
Displacement 992 lbs./ 450 kgs
Sail Area/Disp.1 57.21
Disp./Len. 33.06
Designer VPLP Design
Builder Vianney Ancelin
Construction FG sandwich UD carbon reinforcement, PVC foam
First Built 2014
Mast Height from DWL 40.00′ / 12.19m

Philosophy of Class Rules of DIAM 24 One Design

The DIAM 24 OD shall race in accordance with the Class Rules detailed here after. The hulls, beams, trampoline, rigging, fittings, sails and appendages of DIAM 24 OD are manufactured or supplied by the shipyard ADH INOTEC.
The principle of Class Rules 24 OD is that no change to the boat is allowed unless it is permitted by these rules.
All changes and updates not specified by these Class Rules are prohibited.
These rules aim at ensuring quality between competitors using boats with similar performance.
These rules come into force on March 1st, 2017.
In case of dispute, the French text prevails over any translation.
If a rule of interpretation of these rules were to arise in the future, it would systematically be interpreted in the sense of this preamble.
Reminder on legislation, extract from the Category C design regulations:
Directive 2013/53/UE on November 20th 2013 “A watercraft given design category C is considered to be designed for a wind force up to, and including, 6 and significant wave height up to, and including, 2m.”